Cathryn John
Industrial Designer | Illustrator | Artist



Designing for the New Campus

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Spark was a project from my third year at Emily Carr University.  This project was done over the course of three months and was a team based project.  The members on my team were Ivan Vanon, Jasmine Kan and Gillian O'Keefe. Our instructor was Christian Blyt.  This project focused on designing with the history of Emily Carr's new campus location in mind. We did research to find out just what that space was originally used for and along the way we discovered that it was a sawmill where some of the biggest trees from the lower mainland were processed. We wanted to bring that history to light in our design. This in mind, we ended up with a pretty sculptural design. Below, you will find my contributions to this project and the process my team went through to get Springboard to where it is today. 

Concept Drawings

Here are two concept drawings chosen from many done for this project. I chose these two as they most resemble the end result.  We went through a very long process of drawing and research to get to this stage. 


3D Prototypes

Here are some of the 3D concepts I contributed to the group before we decided on the final shape. 

Final Design Prototype

Here we discovered the difficulties of building a circle out of wood.  We discussed structural issues and spacing.  We also decided at this point that the symbolic representation of the tree growing from the logged tree was unnecessary. From this point on we removed the pole and began working with heat treated hemlock.  We planned on finishing the design with a Japanese finish where you char the outside of the wood to weatherproof it.  The pictures below were taken by me, the model is Jasmine Kan.

Final Design 

The pictures below were taken by me, the models in the pictures are Jamine Kan and YangYang.