Cathryn John
Industrial Designer | Illustrator | Artist
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I Don't Want To

I Don’t Want To


Concept Development

For each children’s book that I work on I like to do a rough draft with pencil/pen and paper. It’s a great way to get ideas flowing and to create concepts quickly. From there I will usually review each page with the author of the story to discuss any revisions they may want to make. After completing those revisions, I scan all of the sketched roughs and take the rest of the process to photoshop.


Review Process

Above are some of the rough draft sketches just before translating them into digital art. Generally I allow for larger changes in the first draft and then around 3-4 minor changes for the second draft. Below you will see the first draft of the book after translating it into digital artwork. I sat down with the authors and we worked through any last changes they might want before we submitted for print.


Final Review

Once we have our first draft in print from the print house we review it together to make sure that everything is perfect! I Don’t Want To looked so great the first print that we didn’t need to make any revisions before we proceeded.

Book Signing and Media Highlights

I Don’t Want To was featured on Global News! Madi and Megan worked so hard to make sure that this book would be a success. We had an amazing turn out to our launch party and signing thanks to everyone’s support. While at the book signing I decided to offer some on the spot illustrations of some of our supporters.