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Don't Call The Office

Don’t Call The Office

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Written by Megan Williams and Madison Reavely

Don’t Call The Office is a heartwarming story about Cameron, a girl growing up with two families. Cameron and her friends just want to play after school but she is repeatedly called to the office to wait for a member of her family to pick her up.

Megan Williams (Left) and Madison Reavely (Right)

Megan Williams (Left) and Madison Reavely (Right)


Character Concepts

This book was the very first children’s book I had ever illustrated. I was totally new to the concept and wanted to take my learnings from my courses at Emily Carr University and apply them to my process with Don’t Call the Office. My process now always starts with character concepts.


Once the characters were confirmed we started to work on layout. Laying out the pages is a very important part of the process and often undergoes a lot of reworking. It’s key to have a great layout in order to keep the readers interested!


After laying out the pages I usually start with some concept compositions in just black and white. I think send those over to my clients for comments and revisions until we are set on the content in each page. I find this method works really well to ensure that each client I work with has transparency into what the final concept will look like.

Above are some examples of my concept pages for approval. Below shows the next step in the process. I colour up the drawings and start to bring the characters to life more. This is all before we add the final touches of text.

Finally we start adding in the text and finalizing the book. For Don’t Call the Office, we opted to also include a colouring book! It was so much fun and really added to the story

My favourite Part! Once the book is finished and we have sent it off to the publisher, it’s all a waiting game. There’s nothing like opening that first box of books that we all worked so hard on! It was such a fantastic experience to work alongside Madi and Megan. I’m glad to announce that I will be illustrating their next children’s book as well!