Cathryn John
Industrial Designer | Illustrator | Artist
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Book Design & Illustration

Book Design and Illustration


Illustrating stories is one of my passions. I especially enjoy the challenge of imagining how each character is feeling in any given moment and finding a way to express that. I have illustrated and designed two children’s books and the cover for one novel so far. I am currently working on three more children’s books and look forward to doing more in the future. My goal is to one day illustrate and publish my own comic book.


Green Planet

Written and illustrated by myself, Green Planet was a project I did for an illustration class while studying at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. This comic book is the beginning works of a story I hope to develop a lot more in the future. It was such a wonderful experience to bring to life one of my own stories.


Don’t Call the Office

Written by award winning author Megan Williams and her step daughter Madi Reavely, this story tells the tale of Cameron, a girl growing up with two families. Madi and Megan have written a story that truly shows the benefits and challenges that come with growing up in two households. This lighthearted tale was the first book I ever illustrated.


I Don’t Want To

In this epic summer time kids classic - five friends head to summer camp and find that facing their fears can be fun with friends. This story is perfect for any kids fearing separation from their parents and looking for an adventurous tale of friendship

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Bug Slug Soup

Written by Michael Dixon, Bug Slug Soup for my Family is a children’s book filled with laughter and delight for both the kids and adults who read it. Soon to be published, Bug Slug Soup has been appraised by even Neal McDonough and his family. It’s a lively story about parents who decide to play a bit of a prank on their unsuspecting kids.

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Newport Jane By Katie Bieksa

Newport Jane is a novel about a woman named Ellen who struggles with finding a way to live in her successful husband’s shadow. This novel can be described as a “beach read” but captures so much more than what a typical beach read would. I worked closely with Katie to develop a cover that would set the tone for her novel.